Monopoly Man Scowls as Congress Grills Google CEO

Congress was very upset that entering the word “idiot” into a Google images search ended up showing you pictures of Donald Trump. This is why it called in none other than the CEO of Google himself Mr. Sundar Pichai so that he could testify and explain the way that Google works to a bunch of people many of whom probably don’t even use computers in the first place, let alone the internet.

The reason behind Donald Trump appearing when you Googled the word “idiot” is not that difficult to understand if you know how the internet works in general. Google’s algorithm probably picked up on a lot of people using that word whenever a picture of Trump is around. There was clearly no malicious intent behind it, although congress definitely thought otherwise.

The true star of this story, however, is the man that deliciously trolled the whole crowd there by dressing up as the Monopoly Man. Rich Uncle Pennybags, as he is often also referred, is the mascot of the popular game Monopoly, known for being a caricature of the industrial elite stereotype complete with monocle, top hat and bushy moustache.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies on Data Collection

A man by the name of Ian Madrigal, famous for pulling this stunt many times before, donned the top hat and fake moustache and entered the room where Pichai was testifying. It is a surprise that more people didn’t realize what was happening, but Madrigal managed to pull it off and got included in several pictures looking at the proceedings with disapproval. Whether it was just a prank or if the stunt meant something deeper is irrelevant, it was an incredibly humorous occurrence that a lot of people have ended up interpreting in a wide variety of ways. It brought a bit of much-needed levity to the otherwise somber proceedings.

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