Microsoft Hops On the Chrome Bandwagon, Dumps Edge

Microsoft is reportedly ditching Edge on Windows 10 for a Google Chrome-based browserGoogle Chrome is a highly popular web browser, but there are a couple of other options out there that you could look into such as Opera and Brave. However, what you might not know is that both of these options along with a bunch of others are based on the same basic engine as Chrome. The Blink browser engine is a part of Chromium, which is an open source browser project started by Google. This is why these browsers are so similar to Chrome. Indeed, Chrome’s interpretation of the internet has become, in a lot of ways, the standard way in which we experience the internet in general.

Microsoft has long been a rival of Google’s, which means that it has been trying for a while to set its own course. This was initially done through the ill-fated Internet Explorer, which quickly became a source of ridicule after it was turned into a meme because of how inefficient it was. Microsoft attempted to start from scratch with a new browser which they referred to as Microsoft Edge, and while it was a definite improvement to Internet Explorer nobody really wanted to use it because of the fact that Microsoft browsers had generally left a bad taste in the mouth of the average user.

It seems that Microsoft has finally admitted defeat. They will be abandoning the EdgeHTML engine in favor of Blink in a project that they have currently codenamed Anaheim. This will be the new browser that users are going to get in the next iteration of Windows. Since it is based on Chromium open source software, it might end up giving Google Chrome some competition, since people will be more likely to use a browser that has been created using Blink.
Microsoft Hops On the Chrome Bandwagon, Dumps Edge
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