Serious Bug Left Microsoft Accounts Vulnerable to Hackers

It seems like the torrid series of attacks on various internet properties is not going to end anytime soon. An individual that specializes in hunting bugs in code named Sahad Nk found that Microsoft Office Accounts were left very vulnerable to cyber attacks. A subdomain owned by Microsoft named could easily be compromised, thus allowing anyone who knows how to crack the system to gain access to any information that could potentially be derived from that particular domain. Any data that a consumer would enter in the domain would be vulnerable to theft.

The security breach went even further than that. Sahad was able to trick a bunch of Microsoft properties such as the Microsoft Store as well as Outlook to send him the login details of a bunch of different users to him. He was basically able to trick these Microsoft properties into looking at him as a trustworthy recipient of this data which definitely should not have been this easy to do. While the issue has now been resolved, the fact that Microsoft had left it open for hackers to manipulate shows some serious irresponsibility on their part.
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We are living in a day and age where cyberattacks are occurring left right and center. In this era of increase risks on the internet, tech companies need to remain vigilant regarding the various threats that they could face. This is important because of the fact that it would put users at risk as well, users that often trust these big tech companies with all kinds of incredibly important data. If any hacker had taken advantage of this vulnerability, a lot of users might have had their login details stolen which could have led to even worse consequences for them.

Microsoft Account Bug Left It Wide Open To Be Hijacked By Anyone
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