Facebook Bans Selling Group Admin Privileges

The Groups feature is one of the most popular aspects of Facebook. It has grown quite a bit from something that did not quite know what it was to the sort of feature that a platform can comfortably rely on. Since Groups was launched, the influence of this feature has become pretty significant. Groups have turned into legitimate communities, and being an admin or moderator within these communities has given some people a fair amount of social power. Hence, for a variety of reasons, people started selling ownership of groups.

One of the main reasons for people to buy groups is so that they can market their business in some way. After all, being the admin of a group gives you pretty significant control over the members of that community, but the problem with this is that most of the people in these groups did not, in fact, know that they were seeing ads because of the fact that all of this marketing was hidden in the pretext of general conversation within these groups.

The fact that group ownership is being sold has only very recently come to public attention. Facebook has taken strict action against this practice. It is now officially banned to transfer ownership of a group to someone else in exchange for money. Facebook has stated that this practice comes under spam according to their user guidelines.
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This shows an interesting side of the social media. Whoever was buying these groups has been banned from Facebook, but their idea is pretty much in line with the way the internet is working these days. Advertising is everywhere, so it is important to draw lines regarding where it can and can’t be applied. Facebook banning this practice is a great step for user protection.

Facebook bans the sale of community groups
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