What Are the Most Ideal Hours to Work In (Infographic)

Productivity is the backbone of capitalism, which is why we often have designated hours to work in. This is done in order to maximize productivity and make it so that we don’t have to worry about work all day long. However, the traditional 9-5 is slowly being phased out in certain parts of the world. Even in America, a lot of companies are playing around with nonstandard work hours.

These nonstandard hours include a four day work week, alternating work shifts and opportunities to work from home. It should be noted that these alternate shifts actually boost productivity even though in a lot of cases employees are working fewer hours. This is because employees are more relaxed and can focus on using quick bursts of energy to finish work and then head home.

A recent survey was used to find out what the general opinion is about alternative work schedules. After all, we could very well be witnessing a paradigm shift these days, one that could end up potentially changing the American workday as we know it. The infographic below can tell you what all of this data means for the average working American.

What Are the Most Optimal Hours to Work In (infographic)
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