The Highest Grossing App Store Offerings of 2018 Revealed

The Apple App Store is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, marketplaces for smartphone users to download applications that they can use for a variety of different reasons. This year alone, the revenue that was generated by the app store was in the hundreds of millions, definitely a huge sum that proves that the app store is a highly profitable entity, one that Apple has been benefiting from for quite some time so far.

Looking at numbers like this it becomes highly interesting to thing about the highest grossing apps on the app store. The folks at SensorTower have compiled a list of the top ten highest grossing apps of the year. It is interesting to note that half of the apps on this list are actually from China based developers. This shows the hold that China has over the tech world, a hold that has grown drastically in recent times and will probably continue to increase in the near future.

Hulu comes in at number ten. The video streaming platform has been making waves recently with great original content. The app earned 132.6 million dollars. QQ, an instant messaging platform, comes in at number nine with nearly 160 million dollars. Coming in at number eight is the Chinese alternative to YouTube, Youku. Owned by Ali Baba, this app pulled in nearly two hundred million dollars over the past year. The music streaming platform Pandora comes in at number seven with a little over 225 million dollars. YouTube manages to outrank its Chinese counterpart, though not by that high of a margin. It comes in at number six with nearly 245 million dollars. It is beaten by Kwai, though, a video sharing platform that earned over 260 million dollars this year.

Another Chinese video streaming platform comes in at number four, namely iQiyi. This app pulled in nearly twice the amount that YouTube did, with 420 million dollars. The dating app Tinder continues to be popular, pulling in 462 million dollars and managing to get into the top three. Another Chinese streaming platform, Tencent Video, comes in at number two with just ten million shy of a half billion dollars.

However, the top dog turns out to be Netflix. The app has had a great year and has pulled in nearly eight hundred million dollars from the app store so far.

2018's Highest Grossing iPhone Apps - infographic
Infographic via: Statista.
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