Google Lens Launched in iOS App

Google has been seriously expanding the various techniques you can use to search its vast databases for information. Google Lens is one of the most unique innovations that the company has come out with so far. Google Lens is basically a way for you to search for information using images, but instead of copy pasting images into a search bar you can use a camera to take a photo of whatever it is that you are curious about.

This feature is finally rolling out to iOS, thus making it a lot easier for you to use the platform. All you will have to do is open Google Lens, point your camera at the object of your curiosity and tap once.
"You’ve always wanted to know what type of 🐶 (dog) that is. With Google Lens in the Google app on iOS, now you can →", announced Google in a recent tweet. 
The most important use of this feature might be its live translation. You can simply point it at text that is in another language and you will be able to see the translated text on the screen with ease. That too, the translated text will be on the original object, which helps make the feature immersive as well as detailed. This attention to aesthetics is a pretty cool aspect of Google Lens and helps make the app even more attractive for the users that will be using it.
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The app is still being rolled out so you might not have it right now. Once you get it, pay close attention the first time you open it. The app will run you through the various features that are included in it, thus helping you better understand how you can use it. Google Lens is one of the Google’s best offerings in recent years, and it will help us gauge the direction that the company will be taking in 2019.
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Google Lens arrives in iOS search app
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