Android Alert: Safety Concerns Result in a Mass Culling from Google Playstore

22 apps with 2 million+ Google Play downloads had a malicious backdoorThe Google Playstore is one of the biggest app markets in the world, which is why even the smallest security breach can result in countless users being compromised. This year has been tough on Google as well as a few other tech giants in a big way. Facebook has constantly come under fire for allowing people to get through its lax security time and time again. Google has ended up having to start shutting Google+ down so that it can protect the users that have been compromised so far because of it.

Hence, it is pretty understandable that Google has been strict with a lot of apps so that the user experience can be preserved at least to some extent. The company recently removed nearly two dozen apps from the Play Store. These apps were filled with malware which created fake click on ads without telling the user what was happening. This was a violation of Google’s terms of use and it was something that made it difficult for people to enjoy the apps. These apps were essentially nothing more than a money grab, which is not something that anyone would want to be involved in.

This malware is slightly different from previous forms that people have seen. It actually convinces networks that the carrier phone is an iPhone. This is probably because of the fact that clicks made on iPhones are worth more money than clicks made on Android phones.
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The important thing to note is that Google took steps to remove these apps from the Play Store which shows that the company is taking a more proactive role in this particular situation. A lot of apps have this kind of malware because it generates money, and Google needs to be proactive about taking them down.

Android Alert: Safety Concerns Result in a Mass Culling from Google Play Store
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