Google+ APIs to fully expire on March 7, 2019

In a recent statement, Google has revealed that all of Google+ APIs and integrations will permanently close down on March 7, 2019. However, the tech giant further clarified that the closure will happen gradually, beginning January 28.

The move signifies that developers, as well as the users of their apps, are most likely to encounter issues with sign-in systems and other in-app authentication from that point on.

Google is also recommending developers to migrate their in-app authentication to the main Google sign-in incarnation by the end of January.
"On or around December 20, 2018, affected developers should also receive an email listing recently used Google+ API (Application programming interface) methods in their projects. Whether or not an email is received, we strongly encourage developers to search for and remove any dependencies on Google+ APIs from their applications.", announced Google Developer team in a blog post.
The closure will also cease the function of +1 and share buttons along with web, pages and mobile app integrations.


Google+ was launched by the company in 2011 with the aim to compete with leading social media platforms such as Facebook. However, GooglePlus never made it that far and the company announced complete closure after a major security vulnerability was detected.

Initially, Google planned to shut down Google+ in August 2019. Unluckily, another security breach emerged, affecting around 52.5 million users. This led the company to fasten their plans for complete closure and bring the date forward to April.

At the start, Google had already disclosed to the developers that Google+ APIs would be shuttered within 90 days but now the dev teams are given a fixed date to ensure that all relevant Google+ code are removed from their sites and apps.

Nevertheless, Google+ will continue to exist for consumers until April but of course, with most functionality removed, the platform will not provide much of an experience.

Besides Google+, the tech giant will also be pulling the plug on several other properties including their messaging app Allo, email app Inbox, and the Google URL shortener in the first quarter of the new year.

Stay updated with us for more news about the closure of Google properties.

Google+ Web, Pages, Domains and Android APIs to close down on March 7, 2019
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