Google is Planning to Change Android Messages Web App Address to

Android has been one of Google’s mainstays for many years now, but over the past few years we have seen the tech giant is slowly moving away from its Android branding. Whereas Android used to be plastered everywhere since Google wanted the brand to be synonymous with their own operations, they have slowly been removing the word “Android” from a wide variety of properties that were once closely associated with the Android brand. This includes properties such as Android Messages which was renamed to just Messages, Android Pay being renamed as Google Pay and a variety of other changes.

Messages is being taken further away from the Android brand, it seems. This theory comes from an analysis of Chrome source code that revealed that Google might be changing the URL that you have to use in order to access the Messages web app. This web app basically allows you to check text messages on your laptop/desktop by connecting to your phone, and can be accessed by typing in into your address bar. The new URL is apparently going to be, which gives a pretty big indication of the kind of direction that Google is taking.
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One can theorize that Android OS might be renamed Google OS at some point in the future based on this trend, although at this point this is hardly more than speculation. Google will have a lot to gain from rebranding, but the original reason that the Android brand was developed because of the fact that Google did not want its identity to become genericized which tends to happen if a brand does not work hard to preserve the value of its name, although it is something that tech companies have mostly been cognizant of and have thus prevented it from happening so far.

Google will transition Android Messages web app from Android to
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