Chrome 71 released with enhanced security features

Google released Chrome 71 today –the latest version of its web browser. Apparently, the release focuses primarily on improving the security features of Chrome.

The most prominent feature of the new Chrome version is the built-in ad filtering system. According to the company, Chrome is now enabled to detect websites that show overly aggressive or misleading ads and popups. Google deems them as “negative experience” for the user and is taking strict measures to limit their appearance.

Additionally, Google has also initiated a crackdown on websites that fool users in subscribing to illegitimate mobile subscription plans. In Chrome 71, Google will show a full-page warning to beware the users from accessing such sites.

Google is also imposing restrictions on websites that swindle users into calling tech support call centers or paying for unnecessary tech support services. With Chrome 71, users must first interact with the site before a site can “play any audio.”
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Another change in Chrome 71 is the removal of the Inline Install API – a feature that allowed users to install Chrome extensions (from the official Web Store) while navigating other websites.

The inline installation feature was also disabled for Chrome 69 but in the latest version, the actual code will be removed to prevent sites from exploiting Chrome bugs to initiate unauthorized inline installations.

Lastly, Chrome 71 is shipped with fixes for more than 43 security issues.

Google releases Chrome 71 with features to block abusive ads
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