YouTube has paid 3 billion dollars to copyright owner through Content ID System

Since YouTube started monetization of channels people from all over the world are putting different videos to earn some extra money from it. YouTube allocated unique content ID to each content creator that help them to monetize the account. Google recently revealed the amount of money they paid to content creator in term of ad revenue. Almost 3 billion dollars has been paid this year which is three times more than 2014 ($1 billion).
"A key part of preserving this creative economy is ensuring creators and artists have a way to share and make money from their content—and preventing the flow of money to those who seek to pirate that content." said Cedric Manara the Head of Copyright at Google in a blog post.
Furthermore, Google has invested in the anti-piracy mechanism by raising the fund from 60 million dollar to 100 million dollars, which will somehow restrict the use of duplicate videos that are mainly used for monetization. For that reason, Google allocated 9000 unique content IDs to their partner to monetize the content. These IDs further help in identifying the identical videos, this service is known as Copyright Match which is introduced by YouTube in July to crack down the duplicate videos.

But this Copyright Match is available for the specific YouTube content creator having more than 100,000 subscribers. This Copyright Match feature is intended to help them stop other people from downloading their videos and re-uploading them on other channels, potentially to monetize them. This will definitely encourage the content creator to put more efforts and bring unique content for their viewers in return of better reward.
"Today, our services are generating more revenue for creators and rights holders, connecting more people with the content they love, and doing more to fight back against online piracy than ever before.", claimed Google in a statement.
YouTube Paid Copyright Owners $3 Billion Through Content ID System

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