Infographic: The 2018 Small Business Social Media Confidence Survey

The social media landscape is ever-changing with new algorithms, options, and features. While this keeps the internet users glued to their internet-connected device – sometimes small business owners find it challenging to adapt its changing environment. Since the small business owners lack time and resource – the constant modifications can be problematic for them.

The new report by Sensai highlights the same issue by taking the insights from 468 small and medium size business owners. In the below infographic, you can find their input on the key challenges they face as well as benefits reaped from social media marketing.
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Here are some of the important findings from the infographic:

• 46 percent of respondents claim that they find management of social media the most challenging aspect of their profession

• 41 percent of participants said they are moderately confident regarding their social media efforts while 12 percent agreed to be extremely confident

• Almost half of the respondents claim that they find the changing algorithms to be hurdles in their road to social media success

For more insights, check out the infographic below.

The 2018 Small Business Social Media Confidence Survey [Infographic]

H/T: Socialmediatoday.

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