Spaces: The New Quora Feature Everyone is Talking About

For the longest time, Quora has been a platform where people asked questions and got answers from a wide variety of people. The platform has slowly been making headway towards a more social media based approach, and the launch of their latest feature shows that this is the case. The new feature is called Spaces, and it has been the talk of the town as of late. The name itself is enough to bring attention to its launch, as well as the fact that Quora has launched it more or less out of the blue.

Spaces is basically a platform that allows people to create communities based on shared interests, allowing people to search within these communities or “Spaces” to find answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. The feature is currently in beta testing mode, and has only been provided to elite Quora users. This includes people like writers and publishing partners that Quora currently has. This feature can also allow writers to catalogue and categorize their work, something that will be a perfect fit for them in terms of securing their legacy for the future and making their work as accessible as possible.

Welcome to Spaces! Spaces are collections and communities created around shared interests and tastes. Follow interesting spaces to get updates in your feed.

The great thing is that people are going to find their own unique ways to use Spaces to its full potential. This shows that Quora is growing as a platform, and that it is offering a number of unique features that one would not have thought of in terms of where the platform could go.
"You can discover more spaces to follow in the Spaces tab. We're still in the process of rolling out Spaces to everyone, so you might need to wait before this tab becomes available to you.", said Abhinav Sharma, Product Designer at Quora, in a blog post. He added further, "This is just the beginning. We're excited to see all of the creative uses that people come up with, and our plan is to develop a flexible system that enables a variety of use cases. Right now, spaces primarily support sharing and discussing Quora content, links, and posts. We're actively developing support for questions and answers that are unique to a space, in addition to other new features that will expand the toolkit available to space creators."
When Spaces is finally made available to the public it is probably going to shake things up a lot. This could be seen as a competitor to Facebook’s “Groups” feature, though only time will tell how successful it will remain.

Spaces: The New Quora Feature Everyone is Talking About
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