Mark Zuckerberg refuses to step down as CEO of Facebook amidst the criticism of investors

The New York Times published a report on Wednesday exposing the Facebook Company and their management failings. The Times report also claimed that the investors of the company are pressuring the CEO and chairperson of Facebook to consider his dual role in the company and appoint an independent director to oversee the operations of the board.

However, Zuckerberg on a call with journalists on Thursday disregarded the complaints made by the company’s board members and replied adversely when asked if he would consider stepping down as the chair.

Priory, Facebook had always stated that dividing Zuckerberg’s role in the company would create “confusion, uncertainty, and inefficiency” within the workforce. And seems like the 33-year old billionaire still sees it as a bad idea.
"For the board composition, I don’t think that specific proposal is the right way to go, but I am quite focused on finding ways to get more independence into our systems in different ways.", said Mark Zuckerberg in a response to Mike Isaac (a journalist) question i.e, "I’m just wondering if you’re open to the idea of the board chairman position changing? That’s something that I believe you currently hold right now.".
During the call, he mentioned the other initiatives Facebook has launched and claimed that they all offer enhanced independence in their work system. The CEO of Facebook also admitted that it is impossible to get to the point where there will be no errors in the system. However, he does hope to set up a company that not only keeps transparency between board members regarding the operations and financial results but also focuses on the community.
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Mark Zuckerberg says quitting as Facebook chairman would be a bad idea, as investors call for his head amid a firestorm of scandals
Image: Adnan Abidi / REUTERS
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