These are the Top Future Jobs, Cloud Platforms, Tech Skills, Opportunities and Salary Ranges (infographic)

As technology is revolutionizing, the number of tech positions in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data science are in growing trends. Therefore the team at LinuxAcademy has prepared the list of jobs that are most demanding and highly paid in the tech industry for the current and future period. If you want to join any tech industry or to put impact from the skills then you have to focus on the following jobs skills. The infographic below delineates the top cloud platforms and tech skills that businesses and individuals need to learn to stay on the pulse of the industry and ahead of the competition.

Infographic - Top Cloud Platforms, Tech Skills, Job Opportunities and Salary Ranges

Key takeaways from above visual:

Top 3 cloud platforms

1. Amazon Web Services
2. Microsoft Azure
3. Google cloud

Top 3 Trending Tech Engineering Skills

1. Containers
2. Chef
3. Ansible

Top 3 Most Valuable Tech Skills

1. Troubleshooting
2. Ansible
3. Python

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