YouTube initiates a crackdown against duplicate content videos

Did videos on your YouTube channel suddenly disappear?

Are you unable to play your favorite videos?

Perhaps, this is because the videos were copied from other sources and the ‘bots’ at YouTube have removed them due to piracy issues.

“No” copied content on YouTube

YouTube recently announced on their official forum that it has put a restriction on the Partners and creators who are duplicating content from other sources. According to the announcement, the following type of content is considered a violation of the company’s policies:
  • Content that appears to be automatically generated
  • Content that is taken from third-party sources which specifically lacks a narrative by the creator
  • Videos that are uploaded multiple times by other users
  • Content that is uploaded in a way to get around the copyright policies
The company further elaborates its decision by warning all new and existing partners that they are “reviewing each uploaded content carefully on a regular basis” to avoid any noncompliance to their policy. In fact, the company claims that their crackdown will also review content that is protected by copyright laws to establish quality control.
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Furthermore, if your channel is removed by YouTube, you can reapply for the Partners program in 30 days after which the company will carefully review the application.

Best practices to apply when uploading content on YouTube

The company shares some tips on how you can save your channel from being banned by YouTube:
  • Include your commentary or presence in the videos that you add
  • Create a link from your website to the YouTube channel
  • Give information about your work in the video as well as the description
  • Ensure that the content you add is in accordance with the policies set out by AdSense, Community Guidelines, and the YouTube Partner Program. 
For more information regarding the crackdown on duplicate content, view the thread by YouTube here.
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YouTube cracks down on duplicate content videos

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