Now Publishers can Monetize their Video Content Worldwide, said Twitter

In the race of video monetization, Twitter has also started to spread its services worldwide. On Monday, Twitter announced that their in-stream video ads will be available worldwide to the publishers' audience. They were available to a limited market previously.

In April 2017, the in-stream video ads were started in the US and later they were expanded to 20 other markets. The aim was to enable publishers to monetize their video content. According to Mike Park, Vice President of publisher products, the publishers' earning has doubled in the second six months of 2017 as compared to the first six months. A 60 percent of raise in the audience was noticed from the global markets.

Park further said that as per the publishers' feedback, they wanted to monetize their content worldwide instead of some specific home markets.

Ken Blom, the Senior Vice President of branded content distribution and ad operations in BuzzFeed said that “We typically see our content travel beyond the local handle it was created in and extend to many other markets. Often times, the most viral content reaches global audiences, and this update helps advertisers align with that content.”

Twitter suggested the interested publishers reach out to their partner managers to take advantage of this update.

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Unlocking global revenue through Twitter In-Stream Video Ads
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