Windows Users stands still at the figure of 1.5 billion, said Microsoft

Although, Windows is not the major product of Microsoft now. But our relationship with Microsoft is still because of it.

The desktop has become irrelevant because of the increasing number of mobile-first users. There are over 2 billion Android users and 1.3 billion iOS users, that means the majority of the people do not use PCs anymore.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft claimed in September 2017 that there are 1 billion Windows users. Later the company claimed to have 1.5 billion users in an official issued statement.

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft by the Numbers page today that says there are 1.5 billion PCs that are powered by Windows. Although the date of this figure is unknown to us, it is expected to be a recent update.

Still, this figure is impressive as Microsoft has been facing several challenges from Google and Apple as their products like Chrome devices and iPad are ready to rock the enterprise market. The sales of the Pro version of Microsoft's Windows has been increased by 8%, that shows the significant growth in their enterprise business.
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However, the consumer line of Microsoft is facing a decline in sales. Still, we think that the initiative taken by Microsoft will work positively for them as they are trying to make Windows 10 PCs work more efficiently with phones. They also have plans to bring Xbox Game Pass to PCs and game streaming for devices that are more relevant to customers.

Microsoft confirms Windows user numbers holding steady at 1.5 billion
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