Is torrenting safe today?

It is an open secret that cable TV is dying a death these days. Torrent trackers and online streaming services, that’s what people like more nowadays. The content of these services is more available and even free.

But is it legal to use trackers?

The answer is yes. P2P technology is completely legal. However, downloading and sharing copyrighted content may lead to some judicial issues.

For this reason, torrent trackers continue to be blocked in certain countries. You can find more information about banned torrent websites and their alternatives on

Is it safe to use torrent websites in your country?

Even if torrent websites are not banned in your region, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for you to use them. Your ISP or a copyright holder can easily trace you.

In some countries, you will just receive a warning letter from the ISP or a copyright troll and will be blocked. But in the UK, for example, you can be sentenced to prison for sharing copyrighted content.

Wherever your country is, it’s better to take certain measures before trying to download something from torrent websites.

What you need is just to hide your IP as it can “tell” a lot about your actions on the Internet.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. The Onion Router (Tor);
  2. Proxy servers;
  3. VPN providers.
VPN technologies are considered as the most reliable way to avoid punishment for using torrents. Paid VPN providers are highly secure and won’t slow down your internet connection.

Of course, we can’t advise you torrenting. It’s up to you worth it taking a risk or not. However, if you’re going to use torrent websites, take care of your anonymity and security first. Stay safe on the Internet! Good luck!
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