45 Easy Google Tips And Tricks To Aid In Your Everyday Life [Infographic]

It’s a common practice to look into Google to search and verify certain fact. It’s a norm to seek out your questions in the Google search engine to find quick answers, lengthy study material and sometimes entire assignments that would have been extremely difficult without the aid of this digital masterpiece.

There are ways that we commonly search with and then there are those carefully picked by the experts to maximize the potential of your time spent online.

There are time saving tricks, you can actually set a timer or a stopwatch on Google to efficiently make the use of your precious time.

You can easily find the time of sunrise and sunset at any time anywhere in the planet. And that goes for the weather as well, will it rain or not, is the extra burden of an umbrella a necessity or you're just being paranoid over a slight drizzle, all can be confirmed via Google.

Other more useful features of Google search that would make everyday life much easier are summarized in the infographic below.

45 Google tricks list – That’ll change the way you search (Infographic)
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