Google adds new interesting feature in Google Lens app that will bring more ease in Internet searching

Google Lens comes to image search in the USThanks to the advancement in technology that is helping in bringing some interesting new features. For that reason, in September, Google announced to launch an extended version of Google Lens app that will now intelligently recognize the object from the image given in the search bar. Currently, this app is only available for Android devices.
"Starting today, when you see something in an image that you want to know more about, like a landmark in a travel photo or wallpaper in a stylish room, you can use Lens to explore within the image.", said Google in a blog post.
This new feature works very simply. You just have to open the image in the search bar, suppose you are searching for a new bicycle just write down bicycle on a search bar and browse it. You will find different pictures of bicycle. Along with the those picture, you'll find the new Lens icon underneath the photo next to the Share option, tap that dot icon, a Lens panel will pop up containing items that resemble the objects in the photo.
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Google Lens comes to Google Images for searching – and shopping – inside photos

Google lens is actually embedded with Augmented Reality technology that not only helps in identifying the object but also transform it into the 3D object. This is the same technology which iPhone is using to categorize the picture that helps the user to search the photo directly from the album search bar by just writing the required object name.

The reason behind introducing this technology in Google Lens is to provide ease to the users in finding the product online. It will help the users to identify the product brand by just from the single click. Furthermore, Google is expecting to introduce this technology to identify the landmarks, animals, and plants in near future.

Images via Google and Tomsguide
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