Cryptocurrency scammers are targeting the Fortnite hackers through YouTube tutorial for stealing Bitcoins

Hackers are leaving no chance for any loophole that benefits them. This time they targeted the one of the most rapidly famous mobile game Fortnite. Thanks to the computer security firm Malwarebytes who recently detected two malicious code "aimbots" and "wallhacks" that affected the game. These codes help the gamer to automatically aim your weapon for you, and let you see through walls.

Offering malicious file under the pretense of cheat codes is not a new trend. Hackers exploited the loophole and uploaded the video on YouTube while attaching the link in the description. Those who were interested in cheat code clicked on the link that took the gamer directly exposed to the hackers, sitting in Russia that target users data and wallet. When gamer download the infected file there is a readme file along with the hack file in which further ask for 80 dollar for fortnite cheat.

But it’s too risky for the sake of little entertainment people are putting their data on risk. This time hackers targeted smartly as most of the people playing this game belongs to the teen age group. They do not bother about the risk that is associated with these cheats. Which may cause real damage to them.
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Beware: Fortnite gamers trying to download cheats are having their Bitcoin stolen by hackers
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