Creativity and technology – two sides of the same coin, reveals a new study

According to a recent study by Pfeiffer Consulting and Adobe – creative professionals find technology (both hardware and software) an essential addition for their projects. The study interviewed more than 75 professionals from the United States, the UK, and Germany. The participants ranged from having two to 35 years of experience working in a creative environment and were selected randomly by the researchers.

As per the report, more than half of the participants agreed that artificial intelligence and machine learning enhanced their creative process while around 12% of the respondents disagreed with them. Moreover, seventy-four percent of the participants claim that advancements in the technology free up much of their time from the tedious and uncreative task.
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The primary objective of the study was to find out whether the creative individuals were worried about AI and machine learning taking over their jobs similar to other professionals. However, the study concludes that even though creative individuals do seek help from technology, they are not apprehensive regarding it because creativity is an exclusively human skill.

The study also revealed that technology would have a more democratic effect on creativity. This will enable professionals to produce better works and make complex forms of art such as 3D and immersive design with less effort.

Take a peek at this infographic for more insights:

Human Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - infographic

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