8 Entrepreneurs Who Started Late And Found Success (infographic)

8 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Late in Life (Infographic)Feeling too old to start your life anew? You keep aging and a pressure of achieving something big and fast keep getting uncontrollably bigger? Seeing young people, in their early of the late 20s achieving so much in their lives is making you feel more and more worthless like you’ve wasted more time that they have lived? These thoughts are nothing but destructive.

More people than you’d think have started late, and late means, not even in their 30s, so its time to stop cursing your age, its just a number. The time to achieve something in life, the time to outshine the rest, to make such a stage that helps you tower over the everyone else has surely not passed yet. it has simply not come.

Many people start late, and thinking that you’ve lost your chance will only make you lose any more that might present themselves but you ignored them because you were busy being depressed over your lack of achievements.

In other words, age is not a measure to declare your potential of being an entrepreneur, it is merely a number, the real secret lies in the youth of your heart. If you're determined enough to strive and thrive, you surely will.

Following is an infographic from Keyretirement, illustrating a few of such people.

It’s Never Too Late! 8 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Later in Life - infographic

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