The Internet Speed could be increased to about 100 times, said Researchers

We could possibly witness 100x speed in communication in the near future as an advanced type of fiber-optic technology is under development, said Australian based researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

How Fibre-optic cables work?

The data is transmitted in the form of pulsed laser beams through the glass filaments. A single fiber can be used to send different streams of data, using the light of different wavelengths. The phenomenon is called multiplexing.

According to the researchers, they are using Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM), a different property of light in which the number of light beams is increased and can travel in a single fiber-optic at a time.

The researchers have reviewed whether wielding the OAM could enable an almost infinite number of light beams with different OAMs to allow OAM multiplexing.

Another likewise attempt was made by the researchers based at Boston University when they tried to create a device to manipulate light, and the result was almost satisfactory. It was still unsuitable for commercial deployment because a huge device was required for that.

The RMIT researchers have successfully shrunk it from the size of a dinner table to a smaller chip that could be integrated easily into communication networks. As per their prediction, the capacity of the fiber-optic could be increased to almost 100 times and may be increased with the development of technology.

Researchers hope that bringing this technology to market will expand the internet's bandwidth amazingly. The researchers are now working on the possibilities of the replication of this technique over long distances. A replacement of the cables would also be needed as many fiber-optic cables have not been designed to work in this way.

These scientists have found a way to make the internet 100 times faster using a tiny device
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