Twitter Will Go Back To The Purely Chronological Timeline

For the upcoming weeks, Twitter will focus on showing users the tweets that are chronologically appropriate, as opposed to the previously used tactic of showing the tweets that the people would want to see, tweets that were considerably more important, or the things that might have liked from the accounts, whether they follow them or not.

The site has announced that this new way of presenting the tweets will persist for the next few weeks and that they are trying to find a "way to switch between a timeline of Tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest Tweets."

Twitter will now focus on showing the supposed “Best Tweets First” as a part of the settings menu. In case this feature is turned off by the user, the “In Case You Missed” updates will also be eliminated for them, also the suggested tweets from the people that they don’t follow.

This change is not unpopular and seems like people have actually been waiting for it. Some have even followed doing it as they have put filters by themselves, like the example of

This, hopefully, will help increase twitter’s decreasing popularity as compared to the other social media forums, that has been a huge dilemma for the site in recent past months.

Twitter will let you go back to a chronological timeline - Here's how

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