Instagram's New Updates: Super Zoom And Instant Emojis

Instagram is out and about again with interesting updates in the latest version of the app. These include super engaging zoom option where you can zoom in the videos. There is an additional option which lets you use this option in your stories as well.

This Super Zoom option for the videos first came last October with an only option of a dramatic close-up. However, there are a set of new variations also introduced in this feature now.

For a creative mind, this new feature, or rather this upgraded version of the old feature is a gold mine to experiment with more variants of this feature and make the Story much more innovative and interesting.

It's not the only update that rolled out this week though, Instagram also started providing an instant option to add emojis to your comments. The emoji selector will be available adjacent to the comment composer prompt.

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Instagram is also testing for a feature just like this one for the stories as well.

These options are similar to the ones available for Facebook’s Reactions. They give an easy and faster way to promptly select an emoji and reply to the content without going through the hassle of composing a comprehensive comment.

Instagram Adds Six New Superzoom Effects; Emoji Bar in Comments
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