Predictions That Did And Didn't Come True About 2018 Digital Advertising Trends

Facebook (54 percent), Google (44 percent) and Instagram (23 percent) are the most influential digital platform for advertising and marketing followed by Spotify, and Pandora.It's half past the year 2018 and the predictions made in 2017 for the year have their evaluations ready. The trends predicted by the marketers for 2018 were quite a few, but their predictions were not all accurate as many things happened different from those premonitions.

The team at Choozie did a survey of the consumer base in the US and did a comparison of the trends with the predictions from the marketers and the results were quite interesting.

First, it was said that videos will take over as the major form of advertisement in terms of popularity as compared to any other, this wasn’t so true. It was noticed that 7 in every 10 consumers actually do not prefer getting to know about a product from a video. Be it the format being more time consuming than a quick read of a picture explaining all that, or anything else, the survey doesn’t make it specific.

Second, almost half were not too happy about the constant advertisements on their news feed. Understandably so, being interrupted during an interesting scroll by an ad of sewing machine can be irksome to many.

Nearly 8 in 10 the respondents were of the view that the government should deal with the privacy and security standards with much more strictness. This could be due to the privacy breach by certain sites not too long ago.

Following infographic is a precise illustration of the survey:

2018 Digital Advertising Trends: Which Predictions Came True [Infographic]
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