Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, All Three Down For Some Time Globally

The social media giant, Facebook, and the subsidiary Instagram have seemingly been on a day’s vacation, hopefully, as the sites had gone down sometime earlier today. The users around the world complained of a downtime of as long as 30 minutes, this was shared via the competing company Twitter as users kept tweeting of the inconvenience.

This was not limited to these two only; massive outages of WhatsApp were also reported globally.

With the daily leisurely scroll on Facebook and Instagram being hindered, at some places, lack of interaction via WhatsApp too, the users went into a desperate frenzy on Twitter with hashtags of #facebookdown, #instagramdown.

Some went as far as sharing the screenshots of pages being “unavailable”, or links of the Facebook pages apologizing for lack of service with a caption “Something went wrong.” However, the Twitter page of the company itself hasn’t officially said anything yet.

The “About Us” sections of the pages, as well as the “Help” section on Facebook itself, are in a limbo for now. In short, the entire Facebook universe was in a state of a massive glitch seemingly.

By the reports of DownDetector.com, there has been a huge rise in the reports of the site going down by the users recently.

Hope to see this matter getting solved quickly. The company needs to buckle up in its efforts to deal with such breakdowns of the site on such an extended scale and work towards making sure that an inconvenience like this doesn’t befall on its users anytime soon. With its market shares going down recently, Facebook surely can't afford to lose trust in any other way than it already has.

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