Instagram, Its History, Achievements, And Benefits As A Social Media Platform (infographic)

With its advent in October 2010, Instagram rose to fame within less than two months and had an immense number of 1 million users by December 2010. Its success was, though a fast one, but with no means, was it a short one as it still is thriving better than most and it has been like this since Instagram made its debut.

Seeing this great potential, the company was acquired by Facebook in 2012, after which its popularity went up like never before with a humongous number of 50 million users on board. The deal was finalized in 1 billion dollars, which does not seem to be a bad deal for Facebook at all.

In the coming years, the site kept developing and improving with new trends to follow, setting some of its own while doing that. Website profiles, filters for profiles, videos and photo sharing, all came along after it got annexed by the social media giant, Facebook.

With all its achievements, Instagram also holds the title for being, if not the biggest, then one of the biggest, most renowned and profitable platform for product advertisement. Many startups have grown to commendable heights with the aid of Instagram ads.

The following infographic from Digi Smm shows some of the most interesting facts about the Instagram.

101 Amazing Facts About Instagram [Infographic]

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