New WhatsApp Update Might Create Security Risk

If there is one application that has completely changed the way we communicate with one another, it’s WhatsApp. It has by this point completely supplanted text messaging as the primary way for people to send instant messages to one another, displaying a shift in consumer preference from telecommunication based messaging to internet based messaging. Most people that use the internet use WhatsApp every day. They use it to stay connected to their loved ones and for work related purposes as well as a variety of different uses that are unique to each individual.

One aspect of WhatsApp that a lot of people have lauded is its security system that makes it so that only the people sending and receiving the messages can see the conversations that are being had. However, WhatsApp recently added a feature that allowed you to save a backup of all of your WhatsApp conversations on Google Drive. This backup is not protected by end-to-end encryption, which is definitely a serious problem because of the fact that it can make it easier for "bad actors" to access your WhatsApp conversations.

This is an issue that WhatsApp is going to have to resolve. Until it does, it is highly recommended that you avoid using the Google Drive backup, just in case a security breach occurs and all of your conversations end up getting compromised. When it comes to things like internet security you can never take too many chances because you never know when the next big breach might occur.

Whatsapp is storing your private data in an unencrypted server where hackers could read them
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