Facebook Takes Away The Option Of Automatic Cross-Tweeting From Twitter To Facebook From Its Users

After the Cambridge Analytical Scandal, resulting in the mass data leak of over 87 million Facebook users, the company has been securing its API platform and now, it came down to the tweets being posted on your Facebook account automatically. Regarding the new update, your tweets will no longer be posted on your account like they used to.

This update might prove to be a hindrance in cross-posting the tweets automatically, however, there is another (old school and time taking) way by which you can share your Twitter posts. You just have to copy the URL or the specific tweet and paste it into your post and share it. 😱😡👎

Another one of the Facebook measures to secure its API further is Facebook Login. This was announced in April and dictates that the apps that had the autonomy to publish the posts on Facebook while being a logged in user, do not have that access or permission. The apps that are new are prohibited to make use of this feature as this update was announced. In case of the apps that have been around for longer, they had this update implemented on from 1st August 2018.

It is also said by the company that the developers who have been using this API could now shift to Facebook's share dialogs for Android, iOS as well as the Web.

Twitter, on the other hand, has yet to release another solution for this dilemma other than the already available “Copy link to Tweet” feature. This can't replace the automatic tweeting option as its merely a manual way to share the tweets. Also, on Twitter, the option for Facebook sharing is not gone as of yet all together.

Twitter loses ability to let users auto-post tweets and retweets to Facebook
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