Facebook's Video Ad Metrics Got A New Update

Facebook rolled out an update regarding the brands using video ads on the platform. These changes are made to the metrics available to those brands.

People get to rewatch and rewind parts of the video that they either liked or skipped through, the company is making some changes in the metrics like three-second video views and ten-second video views in such a way that they will exclude the seconds that are rewatched by the viewers while watching it. On other platforms, this option was not available for the most pre-roll and mid-roll ads.

For the instances when the video options are visible but do not auto-play on the site, like when the option for the autoplay is turned off, the battery levels are down to the minimal or while you are in the places with poor internet connectivity, the company is providing a metric for the video plays to Ads Manager and Ads API (an interface for application-programming).

In a blog post, it was announced that the brands will soon be able to avail the services of Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat products for measurement that will aid them in estimating the number of video ads that the users have played for them.

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Previously, Facebook enabled Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify, its other 3rd party verification partners, that helped in measuring the play rates that the ads had for all its platforms. But according to them, this solution from Moat “will be the closest available third-party measurement to our new play metric.”

Due to its elementary nature, Facebook has claimed to remove its thirty-second video view as well as the video percentage finally.

These updates, however, will be released globally over the next week or two for all the advertisers.

Facebook Updates Its Ad Measurement Arsenal With New And Revised Video Metrics
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