Reddit's hate tolerance policy puts the domain in hot water

Conde Nast Sibling Reddit Says Banning Hate Speech Is Just Too HardIt is argued that since the advent of numerous social media platforms, the incidents of hate speech and violence through conversation, have increased to an unprecedented number. While some of the sites do try to curb the hate online, the rest do not find this doable. Facebook, with its huge work force sitting in various countries, and with its algorithm, invests special time and attention to review the contents of the website, striving to ensure there isn't any negativity. However, Reddit finds this difficult to do.

A leaked conversation, which is going viral on the Internet these days, shows a Reddit user confronting the CEO of the company about its lenient policy on repugnant views on the website. Huffman, CEO, responded to the allegations by stating that hate speech is "hard to define", and since an "impossible precedent to uphold". Moreover, Huffman believes that such attitudes cannot possibly be avoided by not allowing them to speak, but by allowing free conversation to happen.

Reddit has previously been under fire for tolerating racism online. However, the management did respond to this by shutting some racist, homophobic, transphobic and fat-shaming accounts down. Speaking to the public, they said that these account holders were "violating the spirit of the policy".

Top Image via: TheVerge
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