Microsites: The Latest Invention in the World of Internet and Social Media

The smaller the better, that’s apparently the motto of this generation. Not falling behind on the custom, previously a Google designer Nicholas Jitkoff, who now is the vice president of design at Dropbox, created this really compact web tool, he named as “itty bitty sites”, or rather more technically “self-contained microsites” that solely exist as URLs. You can create one for yourself via this URL: itty.bitty.site. Thereon, you can by filling an equivalent of around one printed 8.5x11 inch page having any given combination of emojis, ASCII characters or plain text. The bite limit in actual depends on the site that you'd like it to be shared. For example, Slack and Twitter allow for about 4000 bytes, while Mac’s chrome version can take up to 10,000 bytes.

Actually not hosted anywhere, the webpage entirely exists as a URL compressed using the Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm. In an explanation for itty bitty sites - of course, stored as an itty bitty site - Jitkoff claims that this allows for a “significant reduction in size for HTML, and allows for a printed page worth of content in many cases.” Actually, the data is stored at the end of the link, made of everything after the symbol #. These sites can be shared as QR codes as well, so long as they're compressed to around 2610 bytes.

Jitkoff says that this portion is kept private as well because that fragment of a URL will not be sent to a server. “Instead, the web browser (usually) uses them to scroll to the right section of the page when it is loaded,” he explains.

Jitkoff isn’t sure what will be his creation used for in the exact meaning yet. Although, he suggests to use it for the standalone poetry that bypasses the Twitter’s character limit and utilizing it as an alternative for redirecting the domain, so a larger than normal text chunks can be hosted as standalone URLs.

This amazing new web tool lets you create microsites and private messages that exist solely as URLs

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