Here Are 20 Of The Top Podcasts To Fuel Creativity

20 Podcasts to Inspire Daily Creativity - #infographicBusinesses who haven’t adopted a podcast into their content marketing strategy are behind the game in 2018. Not only has the podcast industry continued to explode, both in listeners/users and ad spend, but the digital, voice-activated market is expected to double every year by 2020. People are enamored by this relatively new channel of communication, and for obvious reasons. Like audiobooks, podcasts offer something that other channels of communication don’t—mobility. Listeners can play them while working out, cooking, commuting to work, etc. The number of listeners continues to rise as more and more become familiar with the phenomenon.

Because the future of voice-enable tech is well and vibrant, it’s imperative businesses have already adopted this into their marketing strategy. There are countless reasons as to why inserting a podcast into your marketing strategy is a no-brainer.


Convenience is key. As content becomes more consumable, and our attentions spans become shorter and shorter, it’s imperative to find outlets in which your readers and listeners still take the time to tune in. Unlike video and copy, audio is an extremely accessible outlet that can be paired with daily activities. It’s mobile, it’s accessible, and it’s an easy way to reach your audience anywhere.

Increase Reach

Speaking of audiences, podcasts offer a way to not only increase your reach, but command new audiences as well. Publishing on iTunes and other platforms puts your content in front of the eyes of hundreds of thousands of listeners. Use these platforms as your Google, your search engine. Listeners come to explore new topics and podcasts that seem interesting to them, so make sure to market it strategically.

Build Brand Awareness

If you’re putting out a podcast that offers solid, reliable content, people will want to listen and keep coming back. It keeps them connected with your brand, helps build trust, and gets your brand’s name exposed to more listeners as its popularity increases. Utilize a podcast to facilitate your mission/message clearly.

Inexpensive Barrier to Entry

Podcasts are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other marketing tactics. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big, expensive recording studio or fancy equipment to make an effective podcast. All you need is a decent mic, a recording program, and a confident speaking voice. There’s no reason to not utilize this medium to create even more content to reach your audience.

Gain More Customers

Not only will you reach new listeners, but you can utilize podcasts to turn those listeners into repeat customers. At the end of your podcasts, be sure to include a call-to-action based on your business objectives. Lead them to a subscription sign-up, landing page, or product. As always, make sure it feels natural and aligned with your content and goals. Start listening to reputable podcasts to see how they organically insert a CTA into their podcasts, and emulate their style with your own business.

From a business standpoint, the proof is in the pudding. From a listeners standpoint, podcasts are a powerful tool that can be useful in your everyday life, creativity, and productivity. There are podcasts for every different genre and niche, and each offers its own unique benefit to the listener.

Grow Your Imagination

Podcasts listeners tend to be more imaginative in their thoughts and everyday life. They have the ability to simulate mental imagery, a powerful tool for creatives. Listening to podcasts allows listeners to create more bold, vivid images and pictures.

Discover New Things

There are podcasts from various different perspectives, cultures, and viewpoints. That’s what makes them so intriguing. Listening to podcasts allows us to become more empathetic and educated. By hearing thoughts from different people and voices, we can easily connect with new, exciting things going on in the world around us. They also help discover new interests and adopt new hobbies.

Fine Tune Your Multitasking Skills

Because podcasts are mobile, listeners often tune in while performing other tasks. Whether it be working out, eating, driving, etc, podcasting often help us hone in on the idea of multitasking without distracting from work life and other everyday tasks necessary to complete.

Boost Your Creativity

Ever been in a creativity rut? You’re not alone. Artists and musicians especially experience periods of creativity loss. Listening to podcasts can be a great way to rediscover your creativity and be more productive in your work and everyday life.

If you’re looking for a way to reinvent that surge of creativity, check out some of these amazing podcasts from Invaluable. This infographic features 20 of the most inspirational podcasts from different types of industries to help break out of that rut. Designer Mark Hirons’ “Creative Waffle” shares tips, stories, and thoughts on the world of design. “Revisionist History,” hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, explores misunderstood events from the past. “Great Women of Business” looks at inspiring and thought-provoking stories from businesswomen. From alternative health to business to design, there’s an effective podcast for every type of person.

20 Podcasts to Inspire Daily Creativity - #infographic

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