Home Office Design Inspiration From Google, Facebook, Apple & More

In today’s digital world, many of us are free to work in a flexible way. Remote working has rapidly increased in recent years, with an estimated 1.5 million people in the UK working from home*. This is a positive change for both employees and employers, as 58 percent of people^ believe that working away from the office would help them to feel more motivated. However, a recent study by the CIPD discovered that 32 percent of remote workers felt they could not switch off in their personal time.

With this in mind, it’s always good to have a self-contained home office that keeps your work life separate from your home life. An office in your home should be effective and inspiring, helping you to do your best work with ease and minimum distractions. So where should you look for design inspiration? We think some of the world’s biggest brands could lend a helping hand.

Graphic courtesy of: Binghamselfstorage.

If Well-Known Brands Did Home Offices - infographic

Apple Home Office Inspiration

Apple’s design centres around the ‘human interface’ to create experiences that feel natural and intuitive. This sounds perfect for a super-efficient home office. Imagine how much work you could get done if everything was smooth, clean and easy to use.

We’d expect a minimalist white office with a white chair and a slick glass desk. You’d work on the very latest Mac of course. Apples would be provided to snack on – what else! And if you really wanted to embrace Steve Jobs’ dedication to avoiding decision fatigue, get a clothes rail installed to house your no-choice wardrobe. Make sure your outfit for every day is the same to cut out that extra decision, and you’ll perform all the better for it. 

Google Home Office Inspiration

‘Focus on the user and all else will follow’. This is Google’s underlying design principle. If you designed your home office in this vein, then perhaps it would do all your work for you! You can always hope, right?

Taking inspiration from Google’s own offices, there are also plenty of leisure facilities to enjoy in your down-time. When you need to report back on your productivity, tap in to your inbuilt analytics which will be tracking your every move. The best part of this office is it’s search functionality, you can find just about anything! 

Facebook Home Office Inspiration

This office will help you learn and grow. It balances efficiency and effectiveness, so you can achieve your objectives with the least amount of effort. Sound good? In true Facebook style you’ll always be able to keep EVERYONE up to date with what you’re doing at every moment with a unique automatic status updates feature.

10.03am: Feeling Happy 😊: Just had a cuppa

1.55: Feeling stressed
😟: Soooo busy I haven’t even had chance to break for lunch. Help!

This office will help you to collaborate with co-workers from the comfort of your own space. The blue colour scheme is calming, professional and business-like (as well as being easy for Mark Zuckerberg and other red-green colour-blind folk to see). 

Lego Home Office Inspiration

Do less, achieve more. Yes please! Simplicity is key for Lego, and this office reflects their core values. It’s also great for nostalgia value, helping you to feel comfortable and cheerful wrapped in a blanket of happy childhood memories as you tackle your next project. Not sure how to approach that next big job? Imagine it’s Lego, take it one brick at a time and all will be well!

This feel-good home office can be remodelled easily when you need a change. Simply rebuild your desk or create some storage in a matter of minutes. 

Nintendo Home Office Inspiration

The Nintendo home office is suitably novel and fun. To fit with their lateral thinking philosophy, you’ll be using a trusty console-style laptop to get those coins (by doing your work of course). Challenge yourself with each task during your working day and be rewarded as you progress through the levels. Perhaps we’ll draw the line at defeating the big boss for the ultimate win…you’re probably better of hanging on to your job!

Pixar Home Office Inspiration

This Pixar styled office will help you tell your story through your work. If you work in a creative industry, this is the home office for you! Their ethos of extensive research and an eye for detail is what gives their stories such believability and appeal, and these things certainly won’t go amiss in your day to day work.

That angle poise lamp is an essential in this home office and will certainly help you to focus if you have to pull an all-nighter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our fun home office inspiration. One thing’s for certain, some of our favourite online and offline brands have succeeded for a reason. They’re consistent with their design principles and they create things that work. We hope these designs have amused but also inspired you to be your best self whether you work in the office or at home.

* Official figures by the TUC
^ Figures from PowWowNow’s 2017 flexible working survey.
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