Bye Bye Black Bars: YouTube's Adaptive Player For Square And Vertical Video Arrives On The Web

The vertical format of videos on mobile phone apps have recently become quite popular choice for viewing online videos and now YouTube is acknowledging it and incorporating it in its PC formats as well. The company has rolled out a new update regarding its video player that includes support for a number of aspect ratios.

For the vertical video clips, the site will remove those huge and annoying sidebars and replace them with a full screen of video playing. You will, however, be triggered for viewing a video that was meant for mobile phone on your PC but the whole experience will be less irksome than on otherwise widescreen format.

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This update includes the changes applicable for the regular 16:9 videos, utilizing the excess blank space while enlarging the picture. Theater mode button might not seem as appealing to you anymore as it used to.

This will not help your cause if you detest videos in vertical and want a widescreen cut. YouTube went against all odds in assuming that all the clips were 16:9, though. If it didn’t help in supporting the various aspect ratios on different platforms, it risked the position of its creators and users who are accustomed to Instagram and Snapchat.

YouTube's web player adapts to vertical videos
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