Answer Behind The Conspiracy Theory of Secret Phone Tapping

Smartphones sometimes act so smartly that we fathom about their intelligence and whether we’re being tapped or secretly watched via those devices or it's just their natural talent. A research at Northeastern University dug deep into it and after monitoring countless of the most popular apps, concluded with the statement that there is no apparent evidence that these apps tap our audios. However, they did find a link with taking secret screenshots and recording your screen that these apps do and send this information to a third party.

This study did not provide any concrete evidence to declare if these apps really do spy on us or not. Scientifically, there was no proof.

Earlier this year, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg also personally presented himself in front of Congress to answer the allegations regarding the use of personal information of many users for their own agendas. This is not an old theory, and so attracted the attention of bright minds at the Northeastern University.

Although no video or audio to be recorded secretly was found, some apps were found guilty of capturing the screens and sending the details to a third party. The popularity behind this theory roots from the claim of many Facebook users to state that if they talk about a certain object personally, they later get the advertisements for it on Facebook, which was exceedingly unnerving for some people.

17,260 of the most popular apps were monitored which included those as well that sent the information directly to Facebook via an automated program that was connected with the apps and follows the media files that were being passed from them. They found no evidence of an automatic recording of the microphone or an audio.

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