Social Browsers Engage with Brands

Part of the reason why social engagement is shifting from personal sharing to more purposeful activities is because accessing social media is now more of a mobile app based activity.

Browsing on mobile lends itself to passive behavior, dipping into networks as-and-when.

It’s no surprise that Gen Z and Millennials, as the most mobile-first generations, are most likely to say they go on social to fill up spare time.

Yet if we look at an audience of Social Browsers, we can see that they are actually a brand-engaged group on social. Over half of them use social networks in their product research, and for younger Social Browsers, social rivals search engines as a research channel. On top of this, they are frequent engagers with brands on social platforms, whether through liking, following, sharing, or commenting.

Social Browsers may be quiet about themselves on social media, but they are brand-engaged.

They may not necessarily share content themselves, but they are receptive to the content that brands put out.
Social Browsers Engage with Brands

Article by Chris Beer, Globalwebindex.

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