5 Lifestyle Changes to Make If You Want to Save More Money - #infographic

Small Steps = Big Money #infographicWhen you turn an eye to the smaller things, you can find several ways to start saving. Take a closer look at everything you spend money on throughout the day, from the water you use to shower in the morning to the meal you enjoy at lunch. Begin by swapping a restaurant meal for a brown bag lunch and watch your bank account grow.

As you become a savvy saver, you’ll find other ways to trim down your bills. Consumer Reports found they could save 30 percent on groceries by switching to store brands instead of name brand products. Best of all, their study concluded that store brands were comparable to name brands in 11 out of 21 comparisons, and the store brand was superior in three cases.

Step back and reexamine your daily spending and you could pour hundreds of dollars into your wallet this year. Check out this infographic for a quick walk through some of the money-saving habits you can incorporate throughout your day.

Infographic source: Netcredit
Small Steps = Big Money #infographic
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