PPC and its impact over the advertisement industry

PPC (pay-per-click) is an extensive term referring to the countless campaigns of paid digital marketing, where publishers and platforms are paid by advertisers to revert back the traffic to their site. About 7 million advertisers made an enormous investment of about $10.1 Billion only in 2017, the market being dominated by Google Ads and Facebook.

A report by eMarketer suggests that the market will stay being led by Google Ads and Facebook in the near future as well. This year, major landmarks will be met by social ads. The Ad revenues of Facebook in the US (this year, $21.57 billion) will be doubled as compared to the $10.74 billion spent on the advertising newspapers. It will be almost equal to the $23.12 billion that the entire print category takes up. The prediction also depicts that the big names in social media will leave the entire print industry in the dust by 2019. The huge investments made towards Facebook and Google ads by the marketers will keep being beneficial in the future ahead.

PPC is getting expensive progressively, so the question is, where should our investments go? What are the investment preferences of other marketers? Which industry is getting the biggest hit because of PPC? Do you assume your knowledge to be enough about PPC?

Infographic courtesy of Grazitti Interactive.
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