The 15 Most Challenging Content Marketing Tasks - #infographic

What are the most challenging things about content marketing? Which tasks do content professionals in different roles find most difficult?

To find out, SEMRush and the Content Marketing Institute surveyed 1,884 content writers, content strategists, content editors, PR/marketing managers, and project managers.

Content strategists say their top challenges are developing content that resonates with target audiences, developing ROI plans, and finding/researching the most relevant topics.

Content writers say their top challenges are finding a balance between creativity and SEO, understanding their target audiences, and meeting deadlines/time management.

PR/marketing managers say their top challenges are defining the ROI of campaigns/activities, deciding what to cover, and finding places to publish content.

Content editors say their top challenges are editing drafts, coordinating workflows, and managing editorial calendars.

Project managers say their top challenges are planning and resource management, process and documentation, and communication with team members and stakeholders.

Check out the following infographic for more insights from the research:

Article by Ayaz Nanji, Marketingprofs.
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