What You Need To Know Before Buying A Domain Name That’s Already Registered

Before the era of the internet, choosing the right location and premises for your business was a critical aspect in deciding whether your company prospered or not. The rules have obviously changed and the emphasis has shifted from bricks and mortar to clicks and mortar, so now businesses have been given an amazing opportunity to punch above their weight and compete against much larger companies, which they can do by occupying prime retail space on the internet, provided they have the right domain name to do so. Finding the right domain is a vital component in ensuring you achieve success but the problem is sometimes the domain name you want has already been registered. The good news however is that you might still be able to get the domain you want by exploring the various outlets where aftermarket and secondary market domains are available to buy either through auction or private sale.

Up to 20,000 domains reach their expiry date every day so despite the fact that a good domain name can be hard to come by, it is certainly worth doing the research and getting to grips with the basics so that you have an idea of what a domain is worth and what you should expect to pay, if you find the one that you want.

There are many factors that can influence and determine you price that you might have to pay to get what you want, such as whether it has a .com suffix, what search engine ranking it has and how good its keyword use is.

Here is an infographic from Who Is Hosting This that illustrates how to go about buying a domain that is already registered.

How to Buy That Domain You’ve Always Wanted (But’s Not For Sale) - #infographic

Infographic source: whoishostingthis.
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