50 Creative Ways to Repurpose your Content – Infographic

Repurposing content is referred to spreading the content you already own and sharing it across multiple channels with a fresh little tweak.

Smart content marketers know the value of "content repurposing", therefore, they keep "recycling" their content for different marketing channels. "Repurposing content" is not only useful for getting more exposure for your content, but it's an easier way to engage different audiences, since some prefer articles while others enjoy infographics and video content.

Now that you understand the value of reusing content here's an infographic from EveryPost team that illustrates 50 ways to redistribute and repurpose your content.

Some key tips from the visual:

Pinterest - Is a good place to pin images, so take an image from your content and post it to Pinterest or take a key quote or excerpt from your article and create an image with the text to share it on Pinterest linking back to the full post.

Twitter - There is no place like Twitter to repurpose your content - it's perfectly fine to post links multiple times on Twitter, just be sure to switch up the wording and hashtags to promote it differently each time. Take key points from your content and turn them into 140 characters or less. This is a great way to get tweets out of single blog post or article and link back to the original every time.

Facebook - When you post content on Facebook, chances are it has come and gone before all your fans took a look at it in their news feeds. Repost content with a new description and image to optimize its visibility.

LinkedIn - Posting your content in LinkedIn groups can showcase and highlight your knowledge for a topic and generate interest for both your posts and company.

Google Plus - While I don't recommendation posting an entire blog post on Google+, this social network does have micro-blogging functionalists with a 100K characters limit which is plenty of space to post good-sized content excerpts. If you're actively using Google+, be sure to repost your content on your company or organization page as well as in relevant communities for maximize exposure.

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