Google Takes the Inspiration From Pinterest For Image Search

Google tests Pinterest-like layout for image searchPinterest has perked up Google’s interest more than we could fathom. It has always been upright about taking “inspirations” from Pinterest's machinery, but with its recently updated version of Image search, you'll get a very strong feeling of déjà vu while browsing through the vertical results. It has come to a point now that Google is not even trying to camouflage those ideas as its own anymore as each image now comes with a sufficiently detailed explanation of its belonging.

If you're browsing a product that has its ties to Google Shopping, you'll be notified if its available or not along with a link that you could order it with. A hint of Al-related options are also available, not very striking in similarity visually, but recognizable enough.

While explaining to TechCrunch, Google responded with: "We're constantly experimenting to improve our experience with Google Images and don't have anything further to announce at this time,"

However, Google is not particularly looking out to resemble Pinterest, it's more inclined towards being more like Amazon and other big names in the world of online retailers. The company has the idea about how tempting it is to merely click for the product that caught your eye. Its more likely that the people will find it easier to just opt for the product then and there rather than launching an entirely different search for it. Hence, it's looking towards that sort of improvement.

The issue that might be problematic though, is that people who weren’t there for online shopping might find this feature increasingly irksome and this might make them at unease while availing the services.

Featured image: Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch
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