Facebook To Inform 14 Million Users About A Bug Through Which They May Have Shared Posts Publicly

In a recent announcement, Facebook said that it would be notifying a handful of 14 million users about a possible post which may have been accidentally shared publicly due to a bug.

According to Facebook, the bug went live last month and it was active between 18th to 27th May. Subsequently, the bug changed the ‘suggested’ sharing settings to ‘public’ setting on as many as 14 million users’ posts. It has been observed that the bug was a result of a software error which ultimately triggered the default settings to public viewing.

Although Facebook was able to cease the bug on 22nd May; however, the company failed to revert the settings back in due course and managed only five days later. Therefore, Facebook will be informing 14 million affected users through which the platform will notify them about setting their posts to the formerly suggested settings.

The chief privacy officer at Facebook Erin Egan stated:

“We have fixed this issue and starting today we are letting everyone affected know and asking them to review any posts they made during that time”

She also apologized to the all users on behalf of Facebook. Moreover, she affirmed that the bug did not have much of an impact. Therefore, the users are still at liberty to select their audience just like they were previously empowered to.

Image Source: TheVerge
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