Apple Maps Get a Makeover!

Given how Apple maps have been unreliable, and way below the bar set by Google, the company decided that it was time that things were fixed, and all the errors rectified. Working to improve their application since the last four years, Apple is hopeful that its new features and better detailing would at least bring it up to the required standards.

Apple revealed to TechCrunch some inside information about the technological improvements that are being made to the existing system. According to the company, they have refrained from employing any external mapping data, and have completely relied on the information they have collected themselves. This has been a brave step, since Apple previously relied on data provided by other parties.

Apple gathered its data in two ways:

1. Via sensor packed vans which frequented the roads of America over the past few years.

2. iPhones. TechCrunch reported that the company has been collecting data from its users anonymously, and has been using it to make its maps more detailed.

It was also conveyed that the maps would look different, even though they are not being redesigned from scratch, thanks to the detailing.

Initially, these maps will be available to only people enrolled in iOS 12 beta, and would be applicable only for regions of San Francisco and Bay Area. They would, however, grow to areas of Northern California. The target is to make these maps available to people of all versions of iOS, throughout America.

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