4 Important Trends That Will Impact Social Media Marketing Videos [Sponsored]

If you’re using social media marketing videos to promote a brand or its products, it is important to keep tabs on any trends that are present in social media. In some cases these trends may help you to make decisions about the types of marketing videos and topics that will be most effective, while in others they may let you plan ahead and gain a competitive edge.

While there are many trends spread across social media right now, the most important ones that are likely to impact social media marketing videos are:

1. Live videos

Most social media platforms have started to support live videos of some form or other, and their effectiveness is beyond dispute. Overall live videos tend to have better reach and are able to engage more viewers than normal videos, which makes it a trend that could definitely impact your social media marketing.

Simply put you should be looking at ways that you can take advantage the benefits of live videos and use them in your marketing strategy.

2. Mobile optimization

Every year the number of people who watch social media videos using mobile devices keeps on increasing, and nowadays they form the majority. As a result there are numerous trends associated with mobile optimization that are able to improve video engagement levels.

If you want to use mobile optimization trends to improve your social media marketing videos, a good place to start is by using mobile-friendly aspect ratios such as square (1:1) or vertical (9:16). Another point of note is that your videos should take into account the fact that they’ll be viewed on smaller screen sizes, and so certain details may not be as visible.

3. Short-form videos

Recently the main trend that has defined social media marketing videos has been a shift towards short videos that are bite-sized and normally anything from 15 to 60 seconds long. That trend is still a major factor on social media, as short videos tend to have better engagement levels.

That being said the ‘best’ length for social media videos can vary somewhat depending on the platform, audience, and the type of video.

4. AR and VR content

One trend that is likely to shape social media marketing videos in the future is the shift towards content designed for the AR or VR experience. Already some types of VR-oriented content such as 360-degree videos have started to gain popularity, and are becoming more feasible to create.

While AR and VR hasn’t quite found its footing just yet, most social media platforms are investing heavily in it – making it a trend that should help you to plan for the future and stay ahead of the pack.

At the end of the day these trends could help you to create more effective social media marketing videos regardless of whether you record your screen, capture live footage, or use some other means of producing it. By using these trends to help you to plan the types of marketing videos that you create, you should be able to reach and engage more viewers.
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